Kris Magyar | Creative Wellness Maven

"Thank you KeeKee, I would highly recommend any of your events. Not only will you be more grounded in your business goals, but you will also be more grounded in your relationship to yourself and others. I learned so much about myself and my business and I am motivated to apply my newly acquired skills and ideas to my business.  The biggest change I experienced from the weekend was realizing the importance of belonging to a mastermind group of like minded individuals to help you stay focused and moving toward you goals.”


Grace West | Grace West Designs

“Before working with KeeKee my business was only a dream. It was an idea - something I wanted to do for myself in my future. My dream was something I really wanted but I thought it was never a reality for it to happen. My biggest result working with her was the ability to see myself doing something I loved and being able to make money following my dreams.”

Miyoko Taylor

Miyoko Taylor | Taylor Beauty Consulting

“Get ready to be challenged and inspired. The coaching I received from KeeKee is caring and real. You and your business will not be the same. My perspective has changed so much. I'm already an entrepreneur and KeeKee helped me think outside of the box even more. I became even more committed to the journey of knowing why I'm here and really, that's the essence of everything!” 

Marlene H. | Custom Event Planning







Patrice Jackson, Ms Savvy Pros

Patrice Jackson | Ms Savvy Pros

Not only is she where I want to be but I really do admire that she also has coaches. She’s not saying I’m where I want to be and that’s the end. She’s continues to learn better ways about her field her business and her digital nomad lifestyle and her living on vacation lifestyle to the next level

Leah Recor, the Abundant Parent

Leah Record | the Abundant Parent

When I met KeeKee I was afraid, insecure and lacked knowledge on how to put my business idea into play. KeeKee helped me get clear about my message and direction of my business. I THOUGHT I was clear before but KeeKee really drove it home. She became a friend. There was a warm and genuine desire on her part to see me succeed.

And then there was bali...

Dr. Maria Christina | Aging Well Specialist