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"Mrs. i Live on Vacation"

While others have called her “Mrs. I Live on Vacation”. KeeKee refers to herself as a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle freedom seeker. As a single mother of two, she quit her corporate job in 2003 to go into business for herself. Her goal - to own a business she loved and live the life of her dreams on her terms - resulted in launching six other businesses before B.O.S.S. Lady Consulting was launched in 2013. A business consulting firm for women start ups. KeeKee says she was determined to help herself and other women create a business you love while having the freedom to do what you want when you want with whoever you choose. 

Through consulting, travel and vacation experiences she helps women entrepreneurs develop business plans that create more freedom for them to explore the globe.

Like most entrepreneurs, KeeKee experienced her share of disappointments and set backs. Including having to go back to work twice after quitting her job to start her own business. Over the past fifteen years she has been coached and mentored by top industry experts learning the best systems and practices in business launch, growth and development techniques. 

While navigating the entrepreneurial system, KeeKee discovered that success really does leave clues and began putting together her formula to success. It is because of those experts, coaches and mentors she’s still in business today and was inspired to publish her most valuable lessons, secrets and tips in her book titled Biz 101: 101 Things Every Woman Must Know Before Starting a Business. Look for KeeKee’s next book, “I Am Freedom” on bookshelves lateSpring 2019.

KeeKee believes Entrepreneurship is about Freedom. Freedom to create money doing what you love so you can do more of what you love and change lives!

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Patrice Jackson, Ms. Savvy Pros.

I invested to work with KeeKee because I want to be where she’s at. I feel that one of the best ways to do that is to have a  coach that has already done what you want to do so they can guide you on the direct path. You will be presently surprised by how far you can go in your business by with working with her.

Leah Recor, The Abundant Parent

When I met KeeKee I was afraid, insecure and lacked knowledge on how to put my business idea into play. KeeKee helped me get clear about my message and direction of my business. I THOUGHT I was clear before but KeeKee really drove it home. She became a friend. There was a warm and genuine desire on her part to see me succeed.