i Live on Vacation Travel Experiences

The Ultimate Business Get-Away for Women Entrepreneurs!

Go on a luxury business getaway around the world with KeeKee. 

The purpose and intention on for each ILOV Travel Experience is to share insider knowledge and expertise on; 

1) working from anywhere and showing women how to position their businesses to run remotely.

2) living on vacation and mixing business with pleasure with the most beautiful destinations and 

3) getting paid to travel and going behind the scenes on how to create passive income while traveling the world mixing business with pleasure.

I Live on Vacation Travel Experiences are designed for change making, visionary, big thinking women entrepreneurs who are looking for an escape from the normal business retreat.

An ILOV Travel Experience would be a perfect fit if you are looking for a different way to travel, relax and grow your business around the world. This is for you if you'd like to learn more about how to add travel income to your bottom line and offset travel expenses.

And if you happen to be a speaker, coach, consultant or author, I've created these vacation experiences specifically for you to go back home with all the tools you'll need to enjoy more freedom in your business.

2019 i Live on Vacation Experiences Travel Itinerary

Unleashed Hawaii Spring Break March 21-24, 2019 (6 SUITES)

Unleashed Hawaii is about freedom and having it all. It’ll be a celebration of Spring and a launch of new beginnings. Unleased Hawaii is about reflection and renewal! It’s about fun and adventure. Most importantly, Spring Break is about community and connection. It’s about taking time to relax and discovering the unknown.

Bali Biz Girlfriends Vacay May 16- 22, 2019 (1 SUITE LEFT)

The ILOV Bali Biz Girlfriends Vacay experience is for the woman who wants to get away with the girls and have some fun. This ILOV travel experience is about building community and growing your network. We’re coming together in Bali to enjoy yoga by the pool, sunsets on the beach, and breakfast masterminds. Bali is the place where we'll explore beautiful forests surrounded by elephants and out of this world temples. 

Disney Friends and Family Vacation August 30-September 2, 2019 (10 2BR SUITES)

How often do you get to mix business and pleasure on a family vacation? Well this ILOV travel experience is your chance! The Disney Family and Friends Vacation is about tons of adventure and fun! It’s about having the freedom and space to let your inner child out to play. And Disney World is the place where we can imagine our wildest dreams and brainstorm with friends and family to make them come true.

ILOV 2020 Vision Cruise to Cuba November 2019 (10 BALCONY SUITES)

The ILOV 22 is it 2020 Vision Cruise to Cuba is about setting sail to create your plan for world domination in the year 2020. The 2020 Vision Cruise to Cuba is about freedom and adventuring into the unknown. It’s about mixing business and pleasure on the high seas. It’s about ocean view masterminds and exploring the beautiful island of Cuba. 

Join us around the world for lots of fun, freedom and adventure.

We're setting off on a journey to explore different cultures, build a global community and develop organic connections. Where brainstorming just happens and poolside masterminds create life changing results. In that sweet spot where women come together as strangers and leave business partners - best friends!

Women attend ILOV Travel Experiences to get away from the daily grind of entrepreneurship. She comes to relax, have some fun and connect with other women entrepreneurs who have big vision just like her. Women join us on ILOV Travel Experiences for companionship. So they won't have to explore the world on their own. They come because they want to escape to a beautiful location where they can be free to roam and learn about a different culture.

Interested in coming along on one of these all-inclusive vacations above? Set up an appointment below so we can chat about the possibility of traveling together.

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Is airfare included? No. You are responsible for your own airfare.

Will there be vegan/vegetarian food choices? Yes! 

Can we bring the children? Children are welcome to come along for the Disney Friends and Family Vacation.

Can my spouse/partner come along? Yes, I encourage it!