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Work from Anywhere Launchpad (3HRS)

So you're ready to pack up and travel the world? Let's get started on your work from anywhere action plan! 

The Work from Anywhere LaunchPad is a 3-hour session designed to fast track your journey towards having a business that gives you the freedom to live and work from anywhere.  

You will leave our session with:   

  • a clear vision of what working from anywhere looks like for you and a clear path to getting there;  
  • a 90-day plan of action designed to help you go from fear of leaving your comfort zone to being confident you can live and work from anywhere;  
  • a personalized WFA checklist that will help you prepare to pack up your biz and launch your work from anywhere lifestyle and;  
  • armed with tools and resources you can use to save money on travel expenses so you don’t have to worry about living off your credit cards or invoice to invoice.  

If you want to explore having the freedom to live and work remotely whenever and wherever you’re called to be, let’s get together! 


Work from Anywhere Freedom Club Membership

Right now you may not know if you're ready to take the leap to running your business from anywhere. 

The WFA Freedom Club is a 4-month program where we'll come together to work on discovering the gaps to you becoming a location independent woman and identify the NEXT BEST STEPS to your working from anywhere. 

Inside the Freedom Club, you will find all the tools and resources needed to  

  • start your journey towards location independence, 
  • save money on travel expenses and 
  • build a business that supports your remote lifestyle. 

Your benefits for being a WFA Freedom Club Member include: 

  • Monthly group trainings
  • Monthly office hours
  • Private FB Group to connect with other wanderlust entrepreneurs
  • Insider information on travel deals
  • Checklists, Apps, Business Automation systems and more!